In Memoriam


Sifu Tony Timmer (1956-2017)

A Good Teacher Is Like A Candle: It Consumes Itself To Light The Way For Others.
- Anonymous
Tony Timmer

September 5, 2017 - My Sifu Tony Timmer was with a group of dedicated students in China on a visit to train at both Shaolin and Wudang. Unfortunately just days after arriving, and before he even set foot on either of these legendary destinations, he passed from this world.

In an eerie and prophetic post on Facebook the day before they left for China, he posted a photo of his dark and empty school with this quote:

"School is dark, time to go. Go where? Go home. Home? Home to Shaolin."

We remaining students still had so much more to learn, more to train and master, and it seemed that only with his guidance and experience to get us there. We all have our memories. I know I can still hear his voice giving me corrections when I'm practicing. If we continue to train together and share all that we learned, we can and will continue to receive his lessons. We have to move forward and do our best without him here physically, but knowing that his teachings will live on, through us, sharing.


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